Friday, May 16, 2008

Newsflash: UK Gets First Drive-Thru Starbucks, Finds No Cupholders In Cars

So, Starbucks just opened its first, yes first drive-through coffee shop in the UK. In fact, this appears to be the first for the whole of Europe, and it's a "pilot" for them right now to see how this is received. Now, for most people in the US this would be laughable, considering how many already exist in the US. We have all sorts of drive-through places, so coffee is a requirement in this country. And, speaking of requirements, this is why we have so many cupholders. This is also why people get annoyed with having small cupholders when the "medium" size sodas (you know, 32oz.) won't fit. My Honda Fit has 2 cupholders in the front so large they hold my Gerolsteiner and San Peligrino 1 liter bottles with ease. In addition, I have 3 more, 2 of which are in the rear doors and they hold .5 liter bottles of Arrowhead water and most other bottles as well.

This is where the US and the UK/Europe see things differently. I am a fan of Top Gear, and on that show they make fun of the US (a lot, but along with every country) and one key thing is our "need" for cupholders. Many of the cars they test, along with Fifth Gear, don't have many cupholders and the ones that do aren't that big normally. I for one will love to see how many UK/EU spec car owners are going to get annoyed with the idea of getting drinks but not having a (or enough) place for them. Granted, I believe that the cost of owning and operating vehicles there tends to keep them from even wanting to drive long enough to warrant eating and drinking in the cars, but the commute could become a lot more interesting if these drive-through facilities take off. Or not.

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