Saturday, May 03, 2008

Specialized Rules! And Crank Bros are good, too...

So, I had an interesting ride with the Moab yesterday. I took it out for a light ride, and used my Crank Bros. Eggbeater MXR pedals. Now, I got these a little while ago, but had 2 rides on them before this (one each on a Cannondale CAAD2 mountain bike, and on the Surly Cross-Check) and decided to throw them on the Schwinn for a ride up and down Garden Canyon Wash. On the way back, I was surprised to have my left foot fly out, only to find that my pedal had unscrewed itself from the XT crank arm. Awesome. The bearings in the pedal (such as they are) seized up so I wound up spinning the threads out. I took off my shoe, and screwed the pedal back into the crank arm with the pedal still clipped-in (try yanking the pedal off with no leverage; it's entertaining). When I took off my shoe, I found that one of the soccer-style cleats broke off, and the other had the nut (mounted to the shoe) come loose and left it to rattle around on the nose of the shoe. This, coupled with stitching coming undone, and another nut-mount that came loose made me thing I was going to have two things to warranty. I tightened the pedal, again, with an allen wrench and carefully rode back home.

This morning, I went to the shop (Sun 'n Spokes) and told them what happened. After a bit of a laugh, I got a new pair of shoes (pictured) and upgraded to the Eggbeater SL after giving them my old ones. The upgrade was due to them being able to warranty the old ones and get fresh ones in exchange, hence a zero-out in stock. I have the Eggbeater SL on my Stumpy and have never had an issue.

With this, I will continue to pimp out Specialized stuff (I've had to warranty some arm/knee warmers, a saddle, and a saddle bag; never an issue) due to great issues. Also, I will continue to recommend the Eggbeater SL but will probably not be such a fan of their cheaper pedals. At least their warranty support has been great from what I've heard, and this situation worked out for me.

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