Monday, May 12, 2008

2 Attacks of the Flu, Are You Kidding?

Right, so I just got off of my second flu. First, I got sick in January with what I thought was the flu, as I had joint pain and fatigue, but I think that was some sort of sinus infection. I got a steroid injection, some pills, and off I went. Next, I got the REAL flu in the middle of April and was stupid sick for 3 or 4 days, and drained for nearly a week after that. I started riding again and getting better, and then my daughter came down with the flu last Weds/Thurs and she shook it off in a day. Then, my wife came down with it halfway through last Saturday and was really miserable. It appeared that my wife developed what I had, while my daughter had a weaker strain, but that's unlikely.

Now, the fun part. I came down with another fun flu yesterday. I was in extreme pain and felt like my spinal column (along with all my other joints) was trying to explode apart. I was able to get my super awesome friend (I doubt she's reading this, but we'll call her "Lotus" for now) to come over with some food and Gatorade. The pain was so bad I almost called for an ambulance, and I needed someone at the house that could take care of my daughter in case my wife and I were both taken to the hospital. Fortunately, while Lotus was here, my fever started backing off and after another couple of hours I was able to move around a little bit. I was up until 0245 because I wasn't sure I could even sleep

Well, I did. I first got up at 0630, was pretty confused, and went back to sleep. I got up at 1230 and was fine, except for the dire need to get red beans and rice from Popeye's. After a trip to there, I was (and still am) completely exhausted. I think I'll be fine for this Friday's night ride, along with rides this weekend. But it does make me wonder one thing: Why did I bother getting that stupid flu shot in the first place?

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Tom said...

That makes no sense that you have your flu shot and get sick with it twice. I knew the medical programs in that town were bad, but bad enough to be botching flu shots?? Saves money to just give out placebo's I guess...