Friday, May 09, 2008

Jackass driving car tries to wipe out cycling pack, in Australia

Strangely, where I ride in AZ I don't run into (or, more importantly, get "run into") by these problems. I guess it's a combination of the areas I ride, the typical driver, and how I ride. In AZ, you can ride 2 abreast on road as long as you maintain a reasonable distance to the curb (kerb) or edge of the road. I typically don't ride a "full" 2 abreast, but will just overlap to some degree with the rider in frontof me. Granted, wheel overlap can be problematic depending on the skill of the riders involved (the better rider at the back) and the speed, but I don't worry about conversation (primary reason for close proximity) when doing much more than 28mph.

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