Monday, May 19, 2008

Meet my next new car, maybe...

I love my 2008 Honda Fit Sport. Period. However, there are a few things I would have liked in it:

1. Integrated navigation option
2. Integrated audio controls in the steering wheel
3. Integrated Bluetooth
4. USB connection support
5. A little more HP
6. A little better mileage
7. 16" wheels standard (although the 15" have been fine with my Sport)
8. Tweaking of the transmission's shifting performance when in normal automatic mode
9. Even more cupholders, since 5 just isn't enough

Well, it seems that the 2009 Honda Fit addresses all of these and more:

Not only are these things addressed, but you get more storage and further integrated head restraints in the back seat so you don't have to take them out when folding them down. Now, the head restraint thing wasn't a big deal, but it's still a nice little tweak. So, if Honda would just add ethanol support I will gladly trade in the Impreza for one. These are great cars.

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