Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Taskbar with Thumbnail Preview Faltering in Windows 7

As I use Windows 7, I grow to love it even more.  However, I've run into a few issues like UPnP/DLNA failures with Nero MediaHome, lack of HomeGroup functionality (even if it claims to be working), and now the intermittent loss of active thumbnails from the taskbar.  I think the first two might be addressed by some switch-based testing (taking the router, and therefore the UPnP gateway out of it), but the last one is probably most annoying as I've grown accustomed to seeing what an app is doing from the taskbar, rather than switching to it.  Any ideas?  Logging off and back on seems to address it, but tweaking the performance settings (what Windows will render, like drop shadows and animations) doesn't change the issue.

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