Saturday, December 20, 2008

Another good reason for a netbook

Interestingly, many geeks like "slow" computers as much as they like the newest ones. One part of this is finding out just what will run on the slow one. In my case, I have been putting all sorts of things on my Dell Mini 9, and the newest thing has been OpenArena (open source version of Quake 3 Arena with Team Arena functionality) and my favorite game: Forsaken. I used to play this all the time when it came out in '98, and it works quite well on my Mini 9 with 2GB of RAM and Vista Ultimate. Also, I have an emulator on it thanks to my cubemate, and we play co-op Contra over a Bluetooth PAN (Personal Area Network) at work (he has a Mini 9, too). Colin Mcrae 2005 isn't that smooth on it, so there are limits to what the unit can do. However, nVidia plan on creating their own platform using the Intel Atom with a low power 2D/3D accelerator to replace the Intel graphics adapter that's part of Intel's Atom chipset. It might not run Crysis all that well, but the netbook platform uses a small display (1024x600 in my case) so most games will run great at that resolution with just a bit more power in the graphics department.
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